Travelling Flex Ramp

Got an event coming up and need something to grab people’s attention? Team MudRhino has the answer for you. Introducing the new ‘Travelling Flex Ramp’ – a flex ramp that can be easily transported anywhere and set up ready for use by one person in less that 5 minutes.

The ‘Travelling Flex Ramp’ is a joint collaboration between Team MudRhino, Lindsay’s Tyres and Traction Fabrications. The concept was developed during TMR’s first ramp day, when it was discovered that ordinary flex ramps were impractical as they required a large trailer for transportation and at least four people to set them up. An existing ramp used to test vehicle capacity to tyre size was donated by Dave at Lindsay’s Tyres, and then Mark at Traction Fabrications set about modifying it to increase the over all length, strength and portability. It now is a self contained trailer, ready to use in under 5 minutes with removable tow hitch, jockey wheel, wheels and wheel arches.