Sitting around the campfire one weekend, Pete and Dave came up with the idea to put together a budget build Challenge class car with a view to proving that you can be competitive without spending the big bucks. It was to be a purpose built short course winch challenge car capable of tackling the hardest of obstacles in the wettest Victorian winters.
The search began for a GQ Wagon that was both cheap and registered. After a short time an 89 Maverick was up for grabs and was purchased for $2500. Only days after the vehicle was purchased the chop was completed and cost less than $100.

Both Pete and Dave had lots of components for the build just laying around in the shed from other projects, so they dusted off all of the spare suspension components and bolted them in, including second...
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Team MudRhino, one of the country's leading offroad communities, has been contributing to enhancing the profile of Australian offroad sports and promoting responsibility within the recreational lifestyle since 2007.

Take the time to have a look around, read reviews and trip reports, search maps, watch video footage, purchase official Australian offroad event DVDs, view images, share ideas and find out about upcoming events.

Official Cliffhanger 2009 DVD release
Seven straight days of extreme desert offroad racing, featuring winch challenges, navigation, speed, more speed, and even more speed! Watch Australia's best offroad racers and their monster vehicles come together to battle it out. Without a doubt, one of the best offraod DVDs of all time.

View a preview here [Preview]

National 4X4, Offroad, Fishing and Outdoors Expo

On Friday 4 September 2009 - Sunday 6 September 2009, the National 4X4 show will be held at the Melbourne Show Grounds and TMR will be there with a stand offering specials on DVDs and sponsor products. Keep an eye out for our team members and their vehicles..

Read more about the show [here]

Official 2009 Engel Round 1 DVD release
Round 1 of the 2009 Engel Series really kicked the year off with a bang. Recorded at 'Coroborra' in North Neerim (Victoria, Australia) this DVD features one and a half hours of offroad footage combined with a fresh drum and bass soundtrack produced by Australia's own king of electro funk - 'ATTACHE'. View a preview here [Preview]  or view more TMR DVD and Soundtrack releases here [DVDs & Soundtracks]


TMR competes at CliffHanger 2009
This year saw TMR's Peter (Hottie Monster) sit in the navigator's chair of GQHoon's monster GQ at Cliffhanger, whilst Dwayne did a special guest appearance as the navigator for Team EFS Victoria.
New DVDs & Soundtracks section now open
With the growing number of Official event DVDs being produced by TMR, a new DVDs & Soundtracks section is now open with viewable previews, downloadable soundtracks and the option to buy your own copies at affordable prices [DVDs & Soundtracks]


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