Off road action at it's very best. This footage provides you with an inside look at the world of offroad race teams, fabrication shops, products, and events.

In-car cameras, aerial footage, and multiple camera angles follow the best known names (and those not so well know) through competitions, offroad events, and just your average 'weekend away' kind of trips.

Much of this footage is exclusive to this site, particularly as a large proportion of it is viewer submitted. Now buckle up your harnesses, grab hold of your mouse, and enjoy!


Following on from the 2007 Series, Engel once again has backed the sport of Off Road Racing by bringing fans the 2008 Engel 4WD Challenge Series.
Held in Noojee (the site of Vic Winch 2006) on Friday 28 March 2008 to Sunday 30 March 2008, Round 1 of the Engel Challenge Series featured new and old competitors to the sport from across Australia, and featured an extensive range of modified vehicles, increased horse power and monstrous winches.
Consisting of footage from 15 cameras and a sound track from two of Melbourne's newest bands makes this officially sanctioned 3 hour DVD an experience not to be missed.










After searching through the TMR movie vaults, we came across a number of videos taken in late 2007 which we had never released - imagine our suprise.

Video 1. The first weekend in September 2007 saw a group of TMR forum members get together to hit some tracks in the Big River area. A few broken wheel studs later, a track was found which proved a challenge. The vehicles went up in order, starting with no lockers and mud tyres to twin locked and mud tyres - all either lost traction or power near the top. The only two vehicles to make it were twin locked, straight gas turbo’ed rigs with 35" Simex.

Video 2: Heading out in the bush for TMR is not all about the driving. Here is a video of what the crew get up to once the sun goes down, all mingling around the fire talking about what ever comes to mind. With a few drinks to enhance (or hinder) the situation, it always turns out to be a fun night in the bush - and no, the individuals rolling around the floor were not fighting, just rough necking over who had the biggest wheel lugs.

Video 3: This third video is a small snippet of a GeoRhino, which pretty much entails the sharpening of navigational skills for use in offroad competitions.

Big River 1


Big River 2


Big Riverr 3


Vic Winch 2007: Recorded in Yea on 36 degree days, between November 16 - 18th, 2007 - on the same property as the Engel Challenge.

This footage was recorded from both inside and outside the cabin by Will (ShortyMQ), Scott (BushTuckerNed) and Evan (Rhino) in DVD quality. We highly recommend viewing SS2, SS4, SS7, SS9, SS10, and SS12.

Many special thanks to our sponsors for the event - OnTrack, Light Force Australia, Tyre Power (Sunshine), ZCG SCALAR and Going Bush for their generous support, as well as all those who contributed to maintianing the vehicle on the day, including Sharsha, Lisa, Dwayne, Nathan, Marien, Rick, Christos, Scott and Jaey - whom without, we would not have been able to enter or complete this event.

This footage & more is now available in a high quality DVD - perfect as a gift!















When Goulburn Valley 4WD Club club invited TMR to its annual Muddakhana 2007 mudracing competition, we couldn't say no. The event was held at the DECA facility in Shepparton, and featured a mud run, skills track and bog hole to test both drivers and their vehicles. A special appearance was made by several members including KingLakeCustoms, ShortyMQ, Wreckingball, Yowie, Grimsey, BushTuckerNed, Tom_286 and Rhino. Overall a well planned event, with lots of fun but destructive mud.

Muddakhana 1

Muddakhana 2


Official footage taken at ATECO 2007, featuring the two OnTrack vehicles taking 1st and 2nd place at the 3 day long competition (Birrdy and GQHOON). This exceptional footage was filmed and edited by none other than William McCarty (ShortyMQ) exclusively for TMR.

Ateco 2007



On 24 June a group of TMR forum members ventured into the Toolangi forest to challenge themselves with some mud holes and rock climbs. After only 30 minutes, one of the vehicle's gas intakes broke, sending chunks of metal down the carbie and into the motor and requiring some quick engineering from Haggis. This video proves that you should never go anywhere without a handful of torsion straps.




What happens when it is a cold week night and two 4wders get bored of sitting at home? The answer is simple - they take a trip to the local dragway and take on the modified street vehicles. Here is footage of Evan in his SWB Nissan Patrol and John in his LWB Nissan Patrol passing the time on a Friday night. Many thanks to Haggis for the footage and commentary.




3 cameras were used to create this action packed video of another TMR forum day trip to Neerim South. Plenty of action footage and a great sound track makes this video (of Rhys almost rolling, Lisa climbing just about every obstacle, Evan snapping a CV, and PJ showing off his 3 wheel motion) defiantly worth viewing.
Many thanks to Duck and Tom_286 for contributing the additional footage.

Neerim South



Footage recorded live at NavNite on 17 March 2007. The 'InCab' footage was recorded from inside vehicle 12, that came 1st in the lowmount winch class
(Driver: Scott- BushTuckerNed and Navigator: Tom - Tom_286). Additional Nite Vision footage of the river crossings was taken by Ross.


Nite Vision

This was the first official offroad event that Evan (driver) and Scott (navigator) entered as a team in 2006. The footage was recorded from both inside the cabin and outside by Tom Shire (4WD TV) in DVD quality. We highly recommend viewing SS1, SS7, SS8, and SS10.

Many special thanks to 4WD TV, OnTrack, Light Force Australia, Tyre Power (Sunshine) and the Body Clinic for their generous support - who without, we would not have been able to enter this event.











Official footage from Ateco 2006, featuring 3 of OnTracks rides. This footage was filmed and provided by David Shire (Duck).

OnTrack 1


What do you get when you you take 40 vehicles and a public holiday? A huge 3 day 4wding and camping trip at Tallarook. The opening scene has a distinctive red neck/hill Billy annual convention feel to it, but I have been told that they were in fact trained professionals recovering a vehicle.

This video, produced by shortyMQ, has the perfect combination of action, music and choreography.

Australia Day 2007


Filmed by PJ Zook, this small footage is without a doubt 'classic'. Watch a stock GQ SWB attempt to maneuver around rocks and mud hills at Labertouche - all along being narrated by PJ himself.

PJ Zook
BigEars has compiled footage from various trips over the last 2 years into one oversized 9 minute production. This footage contains some of the better known Victorian competition trucks found at most events across the state, as well as footage of GQHOON, Scottie, Rhys, Humpys and EvilGQ. Originally a 2 Gig in size production, it has been reduced in quality to 50 meg for easier loading.


This would have to be my all time favourite Patrol video clip ever. The shear power behind this shorty is to marvel at, and the luck this driver has is just as - if not more impressive than the vehicle itself.

This is how a Jeep should be driven! Take note of these specific moments in the footage.

1.40 mins - The action starts!
2.18 mins - There goes the wheel.
2.40 mins - Emergency exit points.
3.04 mins - How to park your Jeep

This footage is beautifully put together with a great sound track, and perfectly choreographed. I don't know who put it together, but my hat goes off to them for a brilliant job.

Watching vehicles crashing can be fun stuff, particularly if they are F1 vehicles! But there is something oddly disturbing when you see 2 4WDs impacting into one another at high speeds... very disturbing.