Team MudRhino's vehicles represent dedicated offroad machines, not cross-over street and show trucks. They have been designed, built, tested, and refined for the hardest trails imaginable.




Lisa drives a Ford Maverick SWB with a standard 4.2 litre carby engine running on dual fuel. Fresh air comes from a MillWeld 4” stainless snorkel and custom aluminum air box. It has Piranha ignition system, extractors and 2.5 inch sports exhaust. Modifications include 2” spring lift, 2” body lift, front and rear ARB air lockers with 4.3 diff ratios, Smithies strengthened trailing arms, Aus4wd strengthened panhards, Cheezy rear bar and sliders, with a modified ARB bullbar to suit the highmount, twin batteris, 6hp highmount motor with a customised extended drum housing 11mm blue steel, Narva HID spotlights, a rear quarter and guard cut cut to suit the 35x12.5 Simex ET2’s, DRiFT race seats and a 6 point internal cage and harnesses.




Peter drives a Ford Maverick SWB with a 4.2L turbocharged Nissan motor, running straight gas with a Gas Research Carby. It has a Crane Ignition, external wastegate, front mount intercooler, 3" Mandrel exhaust. Modifications include: 3" suspension lift (Ridepro), 2" body lift, front and rear ARB lockers, Cheezy front and rear race bars, Cheezy extended trailing arms, Smithies Outback Gear sliders, radius arm spacers, 4 point internal roll cage, front and rear adjustable panhard rods, a custom steering arm, 35x11.5" Simex Extreme Trekker 2s, rear quarter panel cut, 6hp Warn high mount winch running Supermax rope, FX324 colour GPS, 2 lightforce 240 blitz, dual batteries, twin gas tanks, and a Smithies Outback 4" stainless snorkel.




Andrew drives a Nissan GQ long wheel base styleside ute, running a 4.2 litre turbo diesel motor, safari snorkel, fibreglass tubbed front and rear guards, side sliders, custom rear tube bar, 3" exhaust, custom race bar, 4 point roll bar, Warn hi-mount winch with 11mm Plasma rope, Lightforce XGT's, Bosch Compass spotlights, Narva 175 spotlights converted to HIDs, 35" BFG M/Ts, 4" Procomp suspension lift, 2" body lift, adjustable panhard arms, FX324 GPS, Garmin 3 plus, Velo podium fibreglass driver's seat and Autotecnia Monza passenger's seat.




Dwayne drives a Nissan GQ long wheel base 1989 Patrol, with a 4.2 litre carbie motor on duel fuel, safari snorkel, twin batteries, 2" body lift, 2" Lovells coil suspension, Dobinson shocks, 35" Extreme Trekker 2s, TJM bar, a custon 8 point roll cage with detachable cross members, PTO and Warn highmount winch, front and rear ARB airlockers, side siders, twin disc rotors on rear, Superior rear lower control arms, endless air compressor, Narva spotlights modified for HID, Crystal Blue driving lights, quarter cut, custom rear bar, FX324 GPS, race seats and extended breathers all round.






Evan drives a Nissan GQ short wheel base Patrol, with an EFI 4.2 turboed gas motor, 440 GasResearch carbie, external Turbo Smart wastegate and BOV, 3.5 inch exhaust, Garrett Intercooler, 6 point roll cage, harnesses, 4 inch snorkle, twin electrical systems (12 and 24 volt), autometer guages and shift light, 2.5 inch Dobson and Koni suspension, Fox hydraulic bump stops, 2.5 inch body lift, radius arm spacers, adjustable panhard arms, OnTrack adjustable steering arm, GU stering box, twin ARB air lockers, laminated differentials, laminated chassis, extended rear trailing arms, 36 inch Simex Extreme Trekker 2s, rear quarter cut, OnTrack rear bar, Warn 9.5 XL low mount winch running 10 inch plasma rope, OnTrack sliders, OnTrack race bar, FX324 GPS, HP 4700 GPS, 2 Light Force Blitz, 6 Light Force 170 Strikers and twin cased hella reversing spots. Vehicle has a Dyno reading of 228 rwkws, over 1700Nm and has been recorded completing the quarter mile at Calder Park Raceway in 14.8 seconds - fully loaded with hi-lift jack, 2 spare wheels and tool boxes.  


Scott drives an engineered 1989 Dual Cab Hilux with a modified VS injected 5 litre motor, a T700 auto thats been strengthed and fitted with B&M race shifter, cross over steering, dual shocks (inverted in the rear), air lockers front and rear, Marlin dual transfers, custom tray, 35 inch silverstone extreme tyres on bead locked rims, a 4 point roll cage and stadium HID lighting.