Driver: Scott Smith (MeanGU)
Navigator(s): Jaey Pearson
Vehicle Name:
Vehicle Type:
2002 Nissan Patrol GU Ute

Scott purchased his vehicle for work purposes, but after a couple of weeks of carting the mixer and tools around his navi Jaey Perason (who had a V8 range rover with GQ diffs) asked him to go out for a 4wd. They headed to Toolangi state forest where Jaey proceeded to a fairly deep bog hole and told Scott to go first in attempting the crossing. Scott proceeded and got bogged up to the sills and filled the vehicle (then Scott's pride and joy) with mud. From that moment on Scott decided that he didn't want to get bogged ever again and that's how the MeanGU build up started.

The first modifications were a 2" suspension lift, some 34" Simex Jungle Trekkers and a front ARB air locker. With this new equipment he went back to the boghole and drove straight through it only to get bogged whilst departing the steep exit. After this lesson came a Warn low mount and since then he has spent every cent he could on upgrading the GU. As soon as he had enough money he bought a rear locker, a 2" body lift and some 36" internal beadlocked Simex Extreme Trekkers.

One day Scott and Jaey were talking about competing at the 2007 Vic Winch challenge. Both thought it was a great idea and they bought a highmount winch and customised the vehicle's tray to competition specifications, which included a 4 point roll cage. They had a ball finishing the modifications and completing the event to take out 11th place over all. From that moment on both Scott and Jaey had caught the 'comp bug'.
Upon returning home the modifications once again were underway, starting with a 24volt twin motored, an air freespool winch (which cost almost as much as the entire vehicle), some serious rubber in the form of 37" Maxxis Trepodores and a full 6 point cage. They then participated in the Engel Series and destroyed the winch.

Production Class was soon formed and Scott decided he would try his hand at a class that was remarkably cheaper to compete in instead of trying to compete with the big boys and their endless budgets. As things turned out, he soon discovered that he was particularly successful in this new class. By selling what was left of the winch, tray and tyres, he was able to pay for a new tray and paint job. He then took the body lift out of car and bought some 35" Simex on Walker Evans rims. With the different set up the vehicle was driving better than it had ever before and he went on to win the Production Class at the 2008 Vic Winch Challenge.

There are not too many plans for the future of the MeanGU, just some cleaning up to do and maybe some new shock absorbers. Both Scott and Jaey are enjoying the competition scene and have a big calender planned for 2009 - including 4 rounds of the Engel Series, the Alpine Challenge, the Super Special Stage and possibly the State of Origin Challenge. So far they have placed first in their class at the Engel Round 1 for this year.