Everything you need to know about ford rangers

The Ford Ranger has built a reputation as a pickup that can pop up anywhere and can do everything. The new Ford Ranger has become even more reputable thanks to many improvements in the areas of design, performance, and technology. Proven practicality is in line with outstanding performance and fuel economy, a range of incredible technologies, and advanced styling.

The Ford Ranger is made to be strong and therefore has:

  • Carrying capacity up to 1.403 kg;
  • Towing capacity up to 3.500 kg;
  • Possibility to pass through water up to 800 mm deep.

The Ford Ranger is more than a powerful car for the brave. The Ford Ranger differs by cab type:

  • One cab is a two-door and two-seat version;
  • Rap Cab is a four-door version with rear-hinged rear hinges and four seats;
  • Double Cab is a four-door and four-seat version.

Any kind of Ford Ranger that you have, it is very important that you have a good and quality cover for your Ford. Statistics have shown that the Ford Ranger cars generally require expensive equipment. Protect your car with quality equipment.  You can save money by getting a second hand ford ranger hard lid.

A hardcover is a very good choice for your Ford Ranger because:

  • Will improve fuel economy because its made of double ABS plastic;
  • It opens 45 degrees with gas filters;
  • Light, strong, and completely recyclable;
  • It is compatible with Ford’s factory-style;
  • It has a lock with a security key;
  • Installs easily without the need for drilling;
  • Ready to paint immediately after installation;
  • European quality workmanship;
  • Made and design in Denmark;
  • Easy to remove in minutes;
  • You will get a 3-year warranty when buying this cover;
  • Weatherproofing with pre-installed sealing;
  • Optional load carries with a capacity of 75 kg/pair;
  • It has an integrated original look.

The interior of the new Ranger is a place where you can relax and enjoy a cabin that offers plenty of seating.

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